Friday, June 29, 2012

New grant writing guide with insider tips available to traffic agencies

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LENEXA, KS - June 28, 2012 - Traffic technology firm Rhythm Engineering today released its Grant Funding Playbook, a downloadable resource that provides the strategies and tactics to help public agencies win grant funding to install adaptive traffic signal technology on their roads. States, counties, municipalities and other public transportation agencies are increasingly deploying this real-time "smart signal" technology in order to reduce traffic congestion, minimize fuel usage and vehicle emissions, and improve roadway safety.

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Dozens of public transportation agencies used the practical tips in the Grant Funding Playbook to secure federal, state and local grants in order to install Rhythm Engineering's real-time adaptive traffic signal solution, InSync. Communities using InSync save up to 27 tankers worth of fuel, 33 years of time waiting in traffic, dozens of crashes, and millions of pounds of harmful emissions, for a total economic benefit of up to $8 million each year.

The Playbook was developed in partnership with Irvine, CA-based Blais & Associates, one of the nation's leading transportation grant writer and grant management firm. Blais & Associates shares the strategies and tips for success they have learned from their 20 years of experience, particularly in regards to writing applications for InSync traffic control systems. It is called the Grant Funding Playbook because it is filled with specific actions, tips and strategies to help agencies win grants, win the resources needed to deploy InSync and win a community that is healthier and happier. The guide contains best practices, insider tips and over $3 billion in examples of actual grant sources.

This resource is available free of charge to all public transportation agencies and the engineering consultants with whom they partner. To download the complete Grant Funding Playbook, visit

For More Information, Contact:
Jenny Kutz, Public Relations Manager
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About Rhythm Engineering:

Rhythm Engineering invents, sells and supports innovative and affordable traffic solutions that empower communities to save lives, save motorists' time and money and save the environment. Independent studies from across the U.S. prove that by adapting traffic signals to actual demand, the company's InSync technology reduces car crashes up to 30%, travel time up to 50%, and fuel consumption and emissions by 20-30%. InSync is the traffic management solution for more than 700 intersections in 19 states; more U.S. agencies deploy InSync than any other adaptive solution. To learn more, visit:


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